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REYCO System's Top Of The Line Food Processing Solutions

Fluid Removal

Over the past twenty-five years, REYCO Systems has developed a complete line of fluid removal and recovery systems for the processed food industry. Whether dewatering a product prior to a freeze tunnel, removing and recovering “liquid gold” type treatments in the fresh produce industry, or recovering and filtering fryer oil to a french fry line, REYCO Systems can provide technology specific to your application: Water Vac, DynaVac, EcoMiser®, VUMP.

Air Handling

REYCO Air Make-up Units (AMU’s) are manufactured to the highest quality standards to operate in some of the most difficult food processing environments. We established our reputation in the extreme heat and oil of the French fry industry and continue to build on that success. REYCO Air Make-up Units are designed to last far longer than a typical HVAC unit and not one of our systems has been decommissioned in the past thirty years! Air Make-Up Unit CoolPac GasPac VentPac

Pneumatic Conveying

REYCO Systems has the right technology and related components to convey your good food products safely, with minimal damage and no waste or spillage. We can properly transport allergen laden food products within your facility while eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. We can gently transport even fragile products while maintaining quality levels well within your specifications. Product Conveying (Negative) Waste Removal (Positive) Pneumatic Accessories

UVC Decontamination

REYCO Systems is dedicated to innovative affordable solutions for complex issues in food processing, and food safetly practices. We custom design equipment which utilizes the germicidal effect of UVC (Ultra Violet Light in the C band wave length). Food Conveyor Hood Rollover Conveyors Water-Tight Fixtures Air Decontamination Chamber