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The REYCO Systems Negative Pneumatic System

REYCO specializes in being the only company with the ability to pneumatically convey fragile food products effectively with virtually no damage

REYCO Systems Negative Pneumatic conveying systems provide state-of-the-art technology to an area with proven advantages. Benefits of pneumatically conveying food products include: no line loss, no cross contamination, and very few moving parts when compared to standard solutions like flighted belts or bucket conveyors. REYCO Systems® can provide USDA approved, designs to meet today’s stringent, sanitary requirements. Further, since a pneumatic system conveys materials through completely enclosed lines, the systems are perfect for transporting allergen-laden products such as peanuts or related items.

The REYCO Negative Pneumatic conveying system consists of a blower package or fan which creates a vacuum within the system. Food products or other fragile particulates are introduced to the system through one or more infeed hoppers or rotary valves which meter the product into a stainless steel product pipe while maintaining the negative system pressure. The product is lifted into the air stream and transported through the pipe (up to 500’ or more) to REYCO’s Back-Flo (patent pending) cyclone receiver where it is gently reduced in speed and discharged for packaging or further processing. The air is then passed through a filter system where fine particulates or moisture can be removed prior to discharge if desired.

REYCO has pneumatic systems installed on numerous products including: fresh, frozen, and blanched vegetables; fresh and frozen cranberries; fresh and dried fruit; whole, fresh, frozen, sliced, diced, dried, and dehydrated potatoes; pasta, snack foods, spices, dry beans, meat products, and powders to name a few. We have a negative system available for in-house testing and invite you to challenge us to pneumatically convey your product.

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