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The REYCO Systems WaterVac

Designed to the highest standards of the food processing industry. Originally introduced to keep blanched peas from clumping up during the freezing process, REYCO WaterVac Systems are used extensively on all processed vegetables prior to freezing.

The REYCO WaterVac® has become a standard in the vegetable and fresh-cut industries since 1990. In addition to solving the clumping problem, the WaterVac® will act as a pre-cooler, in some cases eliminating that need altogether. The REYCO WaterVac® has also been proven to increase freezer defrost times by up to 50%. For example, a vegetable processor who normally needs to run a defrost cycle every eight hours can often increase that time to every twelve hours. This directly affects production uptime as well as energy costs for refrigeration.

Additionally, the REYCO WaterVac® has been reinvigorated with the recent boom in the fresh cut fruit and vegetable industries as well as with packaged salad suppliers. Cole slaw packagers find they can control the residual surface moisture prior to packaging while potato salad suppliers are able dramatically reduce the product temperature after the blanch and before further processing as the water removal has an added benefit of offering an evaporative cool to the process.

The WaterVac System consists of a blower which draws a vacuum below an existing mesh belt. The blower is available in various sizes ranging from 10 HP up to 30 HP and we can provide different suction plenum designs to fit all types of conveyors, freezer belts and pre-coolers. We can also design and build a conveyor to your specifications if necessary. The WaterVac removes surface water through this suction plenum which in some cases can be combined with a product agitator.

REYCO also offers the model AK20 air knife to blow across the top of the product enhancing the performance of the WaterVac® and improving control of the final product.

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