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Oil Miser Offers Extremely Good Return on Investment

The well-known oil recovery system in its various formats has undergone something of an Indian summer. There have been successful recent installations in China, India, UK, Scandinavia and in North America.

The system which recovers oil from fried products after the fryer has proved to be reliable and effective and gives an extremely good return on investment. The system can be built to suit all line capacities and can be customized to suit French fries (coated or uncoated) and formed products. Rather than sitting on their laurels with this highly effective machine, Kiremko has formed an engineering group involving members of the team from REYCO, Idaho Steel Products and Kiremko. To share experiences, ideas and technical knowledge to ensure that in the future, the system can be made to be even more effective, can be built to reach the ever more stringent hygiene requirements of modern process plants and ultimately that it can be manufactured in the most cost effective manner.

This range of machines which has been a stalwart in many North American plants is now becoming a “must have” in other plants around the world and it is Kiremko’s intention to bring the latest innovations to market as soon as they become available.