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The EcoMiser® Elite

The latest improvement to our line of oil removal equipment - increasing oil recovery by as much as twenty-percent over standard Oil Miser conveyors.

REYCO Systems® is pleased to announce the release of our new EcoMiser® Elite Oil Removal System. This system incorporates a revolutionary oil removal design with several evolutionary developments to provide a much cleaner oil removal system with minimal crumb build-up and vastly reduced potential for process fires.

The EcoMiser® Elite model incorporates our patented swirl tube technology to the science of oil removal and recovery. The swirl tube allows us to completely remove the oversized and ungainly cyclone requirements of previous misers and replaces them with a revolutionary swirl tube design. The swirl tube design has proven to be as effective as the traditional cyclone design at a lower cost.

At REYCO, we understand how important plant footprint and layout is to our customers, this new design reduces the overall floorspace requirements by 40%. Also, the swirl tube itself can be arranged in a nearly infinite array of installation configurations to give ultimate flexibility to your engineering and production teams.

In addition to the swirl tube, we’ve completely reengineered our internal hot oil rinse system, using computerized fluid design (CFD) modeling. We have engineered and tested a variety of nozzle designs, ultimately settling on one of our own design. We now include a dedicated pump and filter system to provide the correct oil pressure and flow at each rinse nozzle to thoroughly clean the suction plenum, drain pans, swirl tube separation chamber and other areas.

We have listened to your requests for better access to clean and inspect the system and have redesigned the size, shape, and placement of cleaning doors to allow for greater access. These doors will now include shut-off switches as a standard to improve safety during operation.

Finally, we have partnered with a well-known national fire prevention agency to integrate their expertise in the strategic placement of a fire suppression system within the EcoMiser® Elite. In essence, the Elite miser will be fully prepared to accept whatever fire suppression nozzles your insurance company recommends.

Our dedicated sales team, partnered with Idaho Steel Products and Kiremko BV is excited to share these revolutionary improvements with you. Removal of the cyclones allows us to place these new systems in facilities previously thought too small to fit, and the overall cleaning improvements will place the EcoMiser® Elite on every potato processor wish list.

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