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The REYCO Systems Positive Pneumatic System

REYCO Positive Pneumatic Systems have become fresh-cut industry standards in waste removal over the past twenty years.  Their clean design and minimal maintenance requirements have proven the perfect solution to reduce water usage and waste belts.

Waste removal is a major challenge in all food processing environments however it is seldom more of an issue than in the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry.  This labor-intensive process relies upon dozens of workers in each facility hand peeling and trimming fruits and vegetables prior to packaging.  Food waste including peels, rinds, tops, tails, cores, and whole rejected cull pieces are generated throughout the plant, at virtually every station.

In the past, plant managers relied upon water trough flume systems running below the trim lines or perhaps belted conveyors criss-crossing the facility to collect the waste discharge and (hopefully) take it back to a collection area.  Flume-carried waste needs to be dewatered prior to collection in a trailer for disposal, an expensive proposition which leaves behind hundreds of gallons of contaminated water to be treated and discharged. Belted conveyor waste can be collected in strategically placed bins which then need to be carried by lift truck and dumped in the back of the building.  This is a labor-intensive proposition in itself in addition to the floor space requirements and potential safety concerns.

The REYCO Positive Pneumatic conveying system provides a simple, cost-effective solution to these problems. The system consists of a blower package which effectively pressurizes a PVC (or other) waste pipe which is strategically run beneath the cutting deck, installed in the foundation, or along the roof of the building. The pipeline is fed through one or more rotary airlocks which meter the waste into the system. Within seconds the waste is transported to a receiver or flexible hose situated above a waste truck or bin for removal. REYCO Systems® are designed to perform without the water, without the conveyors, without the lift trucks and without the associated headaches. REYCO also manufactures a complete line of related components to ensure trouble free waste handling and disposal.

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